Red Wine

Bag-in-Box Montemor Red 5L

Year of harvest:



Vinho Regional Alentejano


Red Wine

Grape varieties:

50% Aragonez, 40% Trincadeira and 10%TourigaFranca

Soil type:

Loam soils, clay soils and slate soils. Overall high iron content and granite in the deeper rock layers.


A garnet red, young and fruity wine. Aroma of plums, blackberries and rasberry with a touch of black pepper. Great balance of sweetness and a pleasant acidity.


Fermented in rotofermenters. Maturation for 3 months in stainless steel tank.

Shelf life:

We recommend that the ‘bag-in-box‘ should be consumed within six months after being purchased. The ‘bag-in-box‘ is durable for about four weeks after being opened.

Red Wine

Sweet Secrets 75g

Sweet Secrets, a composition for wine lovers. It presents itself in a strongly violet of garnet colour. Wonderful fruity aroma from strawberries and cherries. On the palate has spicy notes and soft tannins. 


Azeite Plansel

Pleasant oil, balanced, mild to moderately fruity, with soft notes of olive green leaf and apple, slightly bitter and spicy, with an aftertaste of nuts, including almonds, and some persistence.

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