Marquês de Montemor

Marques de Montemor is the flagship brand for the Portuguese market. Marquis of Montemor is an historical figure from the 15th century. He was appointed the first Alcaide (governor) of Montemor-o-Novo by King Alfonso V, who later conferred on him the title of Condestável (general field marshall), in recognition for taking the city of Tangier in Morocco. The fact that he was the only noble to have born the title of Marquis of Montemor piqued the interest of Hans Jörg Böhm who, together with historian Jorge Fonseca, wrote a book about him. Dorina managed to have the name registered as a trademark after the book was published. And so the brand was born. This line of fruity and particularly expressive wines were created in his honour. The wine label itself was especially chosen and bears the portrait of this extraordinary strategist. The original, on old, traditional azulejo tiles, now hangs in the City Hall. Created from the northern varieties in union with those of the south, these wines are full of substance yet easily accessible – wonderful creations born of devotion to the task by our winemaking team, oenologists Carlos Ramos and Dorina Lindemann. The Marquês de Montemor is one of our most popular wines.

Plansel Selecta

Quinta PLANSEL had its origins in the systematic selection of the best grapevine varieties in the country. In the 1970s and 1980s, these grapevine varieties were still being planted in mixed vineyards. By way of acknowledging our pioneering work in introducing certified varietal grapevine propagation material to Portugal, we named our current flagship brand PLANSEL SELECTA. The name Plansel comes from plantas seleccionadas - selected plants, and refers to the best autochthonous vine material which has been selected by Hans-Jörg Böhm, the well-known grapevine breeder, and defined as the elite Portuguese grapevine varieties. The Plansel range has elegance and depth; its wines give expression to the special terroir of Montemor-o-Novo, bringing to the fore their own distinctive character, finesse and outstanding quality. This range features the varietals Tinta Barroca, Touriga Franca and, of course, Touriga Nacional.

Dorina Lindemann

The wine estate owner has personally attended to all aspects of vinification of the Dorina Lindemann range, which bears her name. This signature range has been developed using only her very favourite varieties tailored specifically to Dorina's discerning taste. By putting her own name on the label, Dorina vouches for the outstanding quality and truly unique taste experience these noble wines have to offer.

Family Estate

The Family Estate range showcases the premium wines of Quinta da Plansel, which are produced from the best vintages in limited quantities only. Most of these wines are already sold out by early autumn, and it is well worth placing orders early – long before the wines themselves are ready. The Family Estate wines of distinction are made from the best grapes carefully hand picked in the finest Quinta da Plansel vineyards.

Speciality wines

Because of the constant research in and experimentation with new types of wine, Dorina is always creating new brands, and all of these are accorded a category of their own. They include our sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine, experimental organic wine and Bag in Box, the wine produced in compliance with the regulations applicable to traditional DO (designated origin) wines from the Capela da Santa Margarida estate. This category is by nature innovative and is constantly being updated.