The secret of the quality of our wines is largely based on our having found the right types of grapevine varieties for the climate and soils of our vineyards. On the one hand, there are the soil conditions of the Serra de Monfurado mountain range, with its generally maritime influence from the cool Atlantic which, with its cool air stream travelling inland at night, gives the Montemor-o-Novo terroir its very particular character. (We record daily amplitudes of up to 25°C at certain times of year.) Soils of granitic origin predominate, but there are also areas with non-metamorphic schist, as well as quartz and dioritic weathered soils, with sporadic colluvial and alluvial areas. 

The vineyards are situated for the most part on heavier soils sloping slightly southward.  Vineyard greening and integrated plant protection combined with reduced use of pesticides for the benefit of the environment, as well as high vineyard training systems, foliage thinning to optimise canopy absorption, and variety specific pruning methods are all measures put in place to adapt to what is now called “precision viticulture”. Agronomist José Manuel Valadas is in constant contact with scientists and viticultural specialists regarding the latest in related innovative research and practice.  We are proud that our white wines are characterised by exotic fruit flavours and our reds, especially the Tourigas, are distinguished by their subtle floral notes.